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When Bill Shatner hosted Saturday Night Livetm back in 1987, he participated in what has now become the most celebrated Star Trektm parody sketch of all time: the "Get A Life" sketch. In this sketch, William Shatner is the guest of Honor at a Star Trek convention. After being asked several questions about safe combinations (by episode number, not title) by people with pointed ears, Bill tells these people to "get a life", citing the need to "move out of your mother's basement" and experience the real world. Trekkers, not realizing that Bill was being serious, thought that this skit was hilarious. Worn out video tapes of the SNL episode are replayed over and over at conventions where the same people sit in the room for hours on end, bragging that they really do know the combination to the safe in episode #38. This page is dedicated to all those fans who see themselves portrayed in that sketch, whether it be a little or a lot. If you're reading this page, chances are you're included in that group.

You Know You Watch Too Much Star Trek If...

A surefire test to tell if Bill was talking about you when he made that infamous speech.

Tribbles!Rug or Tribble? Evidence that Bill's hairpiece is really made from tribble hide!

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